Cicerchiata If cicerchiata is around, it's Carnival!

Cicerchiata is the typical Carnival cake of the Marche region. Its name comes from “cicerchia” (chickling pea), a legume protected by the slow food association of the Marche region. So, „cicerchiata“ means a „pile of chickling peas“. Cicerchia is extremely popular all over the region, and mostly around Ancona. It is served cold in slices, and can be kept for several days.

Mix the eggs with flour, brandy and lemon peel. Cut the dough into very small round pieces as big as a chickling pea. Deep-fry in lard or oil, mixing with a wooden spoon to prevent from sticking; take out of the pan when golden brown.

Melt sugar in a casserole, add honey and the fried little balls (optionally, you can add ground roasted almonds, pine nuts, grated orange peel and candied fruit cut in small pieces) and mix for a few minutes.

Then pour on a plate, shape with wet hands as desired and let it rest until it cools down and sets. Cicerchiata is served cold in slices and will remain fragrant for a few days.

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