Enjoy the view of our hills while riding your bike Ein gutes Netz an Fahrradwegen für einen entspannten und umweltfreundlichen Ausflug

Senigallia is the best place for travelling by bike thanks to the flat land and, most of all, to a large network of bicycle lanes that are a safe route both for children and adults.

You can ride your bike practically along the entire sea promenade. The relaxing, safe ride in the bicycle lane is even more fascinating and charming at sunset.

Maniac bikers can ride along the Misa river until they reach Brugnetto and then turn right towards Castel Colonna. Interesting panoramic views can be found on the Roncitelli-Monterado provincial road towards Cesano. From Senigallia stadium, take via Cellini, then, at the junction on the left, cross the bridge over the highway and start going uphill while leaving a beautiful view over the coast behind you.

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