The Beatles Senigallia Club wants to share the memory of the group that changed the history of music, through events that revive the emotions of those years.

Finally ‘ BEATLESENIGALLIA 2021 ‘ is back, with an original and high quality program: two concerts, a “Happening” at the ‘John Lennon Monument’, an extraordinary performance of ’19th Century Dance’ in beautiful costumes of epoch and a curious, perhaps anomalous juxtaposition between an ancient Greek philosopher and the “4 of Liverpool”, the meeting between two apparently completely inhomogeneous cultures.

Co-organized by the Municipality of Senigallia and the B.d.I.A., the Beatles Club of Brescia with its President Rolando Giambelli, the 2021 edition of ‘BeatleSenigallia’ tries once again to combine the passion for the greatest Rock-Band in history with the vocation tourism of Senigallia (all events are free and fully included in the summer calendar of “feelSenigallia”), not forgetting the right attention to the needs of the weakest, with the ‘ethical partner’, the Onlus’ ANDOS-National Association of Operated Women al Seno ‘, Senigallia Committee.

‘BeatleSenigallia 2021’ wishes to bring back some lightheartedness while still remembering the grief, pain and difficulties caused by the pandemic and will be affectionately dedicated to Giuliano De Minicis, a dear friend who died prematurely, a brilliant graphic designer who created the ‘BeatleSenigallia logo ‘, with the colorful photo of the Beatles by Sgt Pepper in front of the’ Rotonda a Mare ‘.

The program:

Sunday 11 July 2021 :

• 11.30 am – Monument to John Lennon (Peace Park): Happening “Remembering John” , with music by Maestro Andrea Celidoni and readings by Mauro Pierfederici;

• 9.00 pm – ‘La Fenice’ Theater: “Nineteenth Century Dances” , ‘Marche 800’ Association, National Historical Dance Company;

• 9.30 pm – ‘La Fenice’ Theater: “LENNON-McCARTNEY UNPLUGGED” in Concert , with the musicians Simone Borghi, Cristiano Orlandi, Tony Sovente Spissu and Ricky Camponi;
Thursday 22 July 2021 :

• 18.00-Giardini ‘Pascoli School’: III EPICUREO Festival, “From the ATHENS GARDEN to ABBEY ROAD” , a chat with Sandro Borzoni and Paolo Molinelli;

• 7.00 pm-Giardini ‘Pascoli School’: III EPICUREO Festival, “Beatles & amp; De Andrè” in Concert , with the musicians Andrea Celidoni, Giacomo Campanile and Lucio Chieruzzi.

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11 Jul 2021 21:00 - Cesare Battisti 60019 Senigallia (Ancona)

22 Jul 2021 18:00 - Piazza Saffi 60019 Senigallia (Ancona)

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