Notte Rosa (Pink Night) Senigallia and the Adriatic Riviera take on a rosy hue

Every year, at the beginning of July, Senigallia takes on a rosy hue for Notte Rosa.


Notte Rosa is the Great Summer Feast on the Adriatic Riviera. The entire coast turns pink, from sunset to dawn. The 170 km of the Romagna and Marche Riviera are an explosion of lights sounds, images and colours: 170 km of concerts, theatre performances, installations, conventions, exhibitions, shows, entertainment and magic settings. Every place gives its unique creative interpretation to donate visitors a night of intense emotions. The Riviera becomes a great stage where everybody is the protagonist of the most original collective ritual of the summer. The star guest is healthy entertainment and “dolce vita". Why pink? Pink is the colour that portraits the Riviera as a place of encounters, hospitality, kindness,  relations, and feelings, a place with a strong sense of belonging to a community that receives and accepts visitors with happiness. Notte Rosa is a unique event that cannot be lived anywhere else: the entire hospitality system does its best to offer an unforgettable night and an authentic image of the Riviera as a lively, positive and dynamic location.

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