Pane Nostrum International Bread Festival held in Senigallia in September

Let’s yourself be carried away by the smell and taste of this international feast dedicated to the main ingredient of our tables. During the festival, the city squares are converted into open-air ovens, and the city showcases the best bread-making traditions.

The main food on Italian tables is the protagonist of Pane Nostrum: in September, in the historical centre of Senigallia, the fragrance of bread will take you through the specialities of many different territories and regions. You will find quality products founded on old values and traditions that will never be cancelled or dispersed by cultural homogenization.

Every year the festival is enriched with workshops and events to discover the secrets of bread-making and of the preparation of sweet and salty leavened products: adults and children can have fun in the organized courses, plunging their hands in the dough and their nose in the fragrance of genuine bread.

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11 Oct 2024 - 13 Oct 2024 - Foro Annonario Senigallia 60019 (AN)

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