Senigallia, the city of photography The great tradition of photographic art through Senigallia’s maestros

Photography is a very important artistic expression in Senigallia. It is with Giuseppe Cavalli – one of the top photographers of the 20th century, as well as creator and art director of the photographic workshop known as Gruppo Misa – that the special vocation of Senigallia for photography came to life. As Mario Giacomelli used to say, everybody in the group contributed with a different language and a humble attitude towards photographic subjects, free from political ideologies, and open to friendliness, dialogue, and respect. 


The Archive of Musinf (Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Information and Photography of Senigallia) shows that the theoretical debate on photographic issues continued in town also after the conclusion of the Gruppo Misa experience. An evidence of this is the photographic collection of Musinf related to Manifesto del passaggio di frontiera, significantly endorsed by Mario Giacomelli and Gianni Berengo Gardin, among others. 

Senigallia, the city of photography, is a cultural project aimed at enhancing the value of photography following the tradition of Senigallia’s great maestros. The main purpose is to host exhibitions of Italian and international maestros in order to draw a large audience of photography fans. Another purpose is to attract and promote photographic talents, paying the utmost attention to new trends on the national and international scenario. And, of course, Senigallia enjoys the great artistic and cultural heritage of Mario Giacomelli.

Gli appuntamenti estivi dedicati alla fotografia


26 giugno – Rotonda a Mare – ore 21.30
Incontro con Tony Gentile
Presenta Lorenzo Cicconi Massi

3 luglio – Rotonda a Mare – ore 21.30
Incontro con Pierpaolo Mittica e Alessandro Tesei
Presenta Lorenzo Cicconi Massi

25 luglio – Rotonda a Mare – ore 21.30
Incontro con Sara Munari
Presenta Lorenzo Cicconi Massi


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