Senigallia Bandiera Blu Senigallia European Blue Flag

Since 1997 Senigallia has been awarded the prestigious European Blue Flag, official recognition by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) to beaches that guarantee the quality of bathing water, the environmental management, services and safety on the beach and information to users and tourists.

Specifically, a stay in Senigallia is made safe and enjoyable thanks to a series of activities carried out throughout the year:

1 – The quality of bathing waters is certified from constant sampling, made every 30 days.

2 – The door to door recycling is effective on the whole territory; on the seafront and in the city centre are placed litter bins, also for cigarette butts.

3 –Beach resorts and free beaches are safe and provided with rescue equipment and qualified lifeguards.

4 – The access to the beach and services (even in some public beaches) considers the needs of disabled.

5 – The water treatment system works effectively in the whole territory.

6 – There are showers and potable water sources at regular intervals. The beach is cleaned daily.

7 –The access of the pets on the beach is allowed only in specifically equipped beach resorts.

8 – The schools promote, during the year, programs and activities of information and environmental education.

9 –There are two medical centres on the seafront.

10 – In the city centre and on the seafront there are cycling lines for bike lovers.


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