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With SenApp and SenigalliaMOVE you leave your car in the connected car parks and move towards the center in complete comfort.

With the SenigalliaMOVE project, three large car parks located in strategic areas of the city are available to SenApp users, from which shuttles depart to the points of greatest interest in Senigallia. Download SenApp to discover bus timetables and routes: an essential service for those staying or living outside Senigallia.

There are three large connected car parks in Senigallia: the Villa Torlonia car park in via Sanzio, the Ex Sacelit car park a few meters from the historic center and the Ciarnin car park located a few km south of Senigallia.

If you are in those points and have the App or the MOVE card you can get on the city buses and move around the center as well as moving on lines 2, 4, 5, 9 and 10.

The numerous car parks near the center of Senigallia are also highlighted in the attached map with the guided routes to reach them.

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