Defibrillators The devices positioned in public places in the city characterized by a high turnout of people

How It Works

The AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) is a life-saving device that can be used by any trained citizen to help a person in cardiac arrest. The device has a voice that guides and suggests the operations to be done to connect the defibrillator to the subject to be treated and performs a diagnosis of the heart rhythm, providing the shock only if necessary. In this way the operator is exempted from any responsibility, as the AED only intervenes if the patient is actually in a state of cardiac arrest compatible with the treatment that can be performed.

The Project – A Defibrillator at your fingertips

The project involves the installation in public places of the city, characterized by the high influx of people, of public access defibrillators AEDs (automatic external defibrillators). In collaboration with the Municipal Administration, the sites suitable for their positioning were identified.

AEDs are the solution to the problem due to the fact that they automatically analyze the ECG (electrocardiogram) rhythm, determine with precision and absolute safety whether defibrillation is necessary.

For the technical choice of the AED, a solution was sought that guarantees operation when needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, identified in the AED PLUS PACKAGE

Information and awareness initiatives to spread the culture of first aid and life-saving techniques among the population.

Training meetings are scheduled in public places with specialized Rotarian and non-Rotarian doctors and training with lower and upper secondary school students and themed conferences.

The use of the web and social media is also foreseen, in particular a specific website and Facebook page, commercials on local radio stations, press releases and advertising material

Free training courses for citizens with the release of the required certification who will be able to safely carry out defibrillation procedures if necessary, while still being exempt from the task of diagnosis which is carried out by the equipment itself. Training and re-training. The project involves the training of at least 4 people for each defibrillator installed, municipal police personnel and employees of the Municipality of Senigallia.

The promoters

The project was financed and promoted by the Rotary Club of Senigallia, in collaboration with “Cuore di Velluto” ONLUS and Asur Area Vasta 2.

Find out where the defibrillators are positioned by clicking here


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