Gym on the Beach: a fitness path along Senigallia seaside Fitness and health on the Velvet Beach

Not only sunbathing, but also wellness and fitness on the Velvet Beach! “Gym on the Beach” is a fitness path that has been especially studied to guarantee the best use conditions according to different training skills and age groups.

The fitness path includes five stations: three of them are situated in the harbour area, on the Western dock, and two along lungomare Alighieri, one in front of La Bussola beach facilities and one near the UISP sun treatment centre.

With a special app (Norwell Outdoor Fitness) that is available for all mobile devices, users can monitor the difficulty level and their calories consumption in real time, and follow the instructions to train in full safety on the key aspects of fitness: from cardiovascular training to muscular exercises, from flexibility to total body.

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