Historical period: Neoclassical

Portici Ercolani are one of Senigallia’s landmarks, They bear the name of Monsignor Giuseppe Ercolani (1677-1759), who designed them in the mid of the 18th century upon order of Pope Benedict XIV, in the world Prospero Lambertini, as the celebration venue for the famous Fiera Franca (Trade Fair).



The one hundred and twenty-six Istria stone arches of Portici Ercolani line up along the right-hand side bank of Misa River. According to the original project, the arcades were to be built also on the opposite side of the river, but the crisis that hit the trade fair, due to the loss of tax benefits, stopped the new constructions and slowed down the works. Today, under Portici Ercolani, visitors can live and breathe the atmosphere of the fair’s golden years every Thursday morning with the open air market.