Historical period: Contemporary age

Since 1978 the fascinating complex of Santa Maria delle Grazie, immersed in Senigallia’s green hills, has hosted the extraordinary Municipal Museum of Sharecropping “Sergio Anselmi”. With over 2,000 exhibits, the museum is an indispensable point of reference for those who want to discover the daily life and work in the Marche countryside in the first half of the 20th century




The elegant Renaissance cloister of a wing in the former Convento delle Grazie represents the first impact with the Museum, which is organised in thirty areas, each one dedicated to a specific topic. Visitors are taken through the different steps of agricultural life: oil presses, wheat sorting machines, repair tools, kitchen equipment, looms, hempen cloth and a large wine cellar in the basement.

The genius and fatigue of farmers are shown on the first floor with a rich variety of working tools. Here, along well-organized routes, the exhibits bring farm work to life: wheat, wine, corn, beet, daily life, alongside with the beautiful historical photographs of Mario Giacomelli and Mario Carafòli. Thanks to the rigorous and passionate organisation of topics and exhibits, always supported by the presence of man, the Museum gives a perfect picture of a time that marked the history of the Marche region: sharecropping. The daily relation between the landowner and the farmer was a typical situation for many Italian regions, like Marche, where land was organized according to a sharecropping model from the 14th -15th century.