Every August, Senigallia steps back in time with the festival dedicated to the American culture between the ‘40s and the '50s: old Cadillacs and Harley Davidsons parade through the  centre of town, while girls with red lipstick and stiletto heels sit at the bars together with young sailors and Boogie Woogie notes echo in the streets and squares of the city.

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Everybody can be part of the joyful collective party of the Summer Jamboree. Just take a walk in the centre, stop at the vintage market, have your hair styled or take your first dance steps on the stages of Piazza del Duca and in the gardens around Rocca Roveresca.

Or dance the night out at the traditional Hawaiian party on the beach, with your feet in the velvet sand and a flower garland around your neck. A dress-up touch, a handful of joy and an ocean of music: Balboa, Jive, Lindy hop, Boogie Woogie, and Vintage Jazz.