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The city of Senigallia hosts an urban artwork of huge dimensions, the largest one ever made in its territory. The location is the railway station and the underpass that connects the station with the historical centre. The idea is to create a dialogue between buildings from different periods - the railway station from the 20th century and La Rocca from the 16th century - through Contemporary Art.

The author of the installation, the internationally renowned artist GeometricBang, takes us through a sensory journey marked by colours, shapes and figures, using a language between abstract and figurative art. Along an uninterrupted route between underpass and station, the work is a meditation on human imaginary vision. In many religions, the eye is considered as a mirror of the soul and of the spirit of human beings. It has always been a symbol of knowledge, of the capability and strength of human thoughts that acquire shape and substance.

The two eyes of GeometricBang’s installation will receive and accompany the thousands of people that every year pass by the train station, as well as the car drivers along the state road.

Giving new life, strength and colour, to the anonymous, dull walls of the city, with new messages and new visions: this is the shared philosophy that triggered such an important art work