A bike tour in Senigallia’s hinterland

Route Naturalistico


In this itinerary you will visit

Discover the curiosities, the history, and the characteristics of this guided tour


The steep slopes of the second route make it not fit for children. Start from Rotonda a Mare and head south towards Senigallia’s harbour.

Cycle along the Misa river, cross the bridge called “Ponte 2 Giugno” and turn left into via 20 Settembre. Then continue along via Rossini and turn right after the roundabout with via Cellini.

After 500 metres you will find yourself in the Duke’s land. 18 km of uphill and downhill roads are waiting for you, among beautiful hills, with the magic sensation of being face to face with nature.

You will pass by the castle in Scapezzano, where you can enjoy a beautiful view. After reaching another castle in Roncitelli, you can make your way down towards the coast along Cannella municipal road and Corinaldese provincial road. Continue on viale IV Novembre and you will soon reach your starting point, in front of Rotonda a Mare.

Come on, don’t be lazy! You won’t regret it!