“Cittadella dello sport” in Saline area is a major point of reference for all sports fans. But that’s not all. With its high-level facilities it can host national and international sports events and competitions. 

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Talented roller-skaters will find an important skating ring that hosts many international competitions, where the world champions of Team Roller do their training.

Track-and-field fans can train in an 8-lane stadium with a stand, services, lighting and a big parking lot.

The sea is not the only place to swim or do water aerobics. Piscina Comunale Saline is a modern 25 m swimming pool for young and old swimmers, amateurs, and experts.

In addition to “Cittadella dello sport” Senigallia offers a soccer stadium with artificial turf for 4,932 spectators: Palasport, an indoor basketball stadium for 950 spectators; Centro Olimpico Tennistavolo, the home of Senigallia glorious table tennis tradition with super champ Massimo Costantini - the best Italian player of all times. For tennis lovers, the points of reference are in Saline and Vivere Verde areas. 

Sailing club - Lungomare L. Da Vinci, 6 Tel. 071 7928085
Boat club - Via Darsena Banchina di Ponente Tel. 071 7929612
Naval league- Banchina di Ponente Tel. 071 63983 Tel. 071 65519
Tennis sport center Saline Tel. 071 7927007
Tennis sport center Vivere Verde Tel. 071 7924805
Olympic centreTennisTavolo Via Molinello, 32 Vivere Verde Tel. 071 7921719
Public pool Saline Tel. 071 7925383
Public pool Molinello 2 Tel. 071 7923196 Pista Atletica Saline Tel. 071 7927007