Gym fans, fitness maniacs and everybody who wants to stay fit during the holidays can enjoy the equipped beach facilities, that are often offered in cooperation with local gym clubs. In some cases guests will find a personal trainer ready to help for training activities, both in and out of the water





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Activities offered by most beach and hotel facilities include: water aerobics and water gym, yoga and soft gym, stretching, Pilates, toning-up with small workout machines, cardio-vascular activities, zumba, salsa, Caribbean dancing courses and kizomba.

The Velvet Beach also offers "Gym on the beach", a fitness path with five gym stations. Three stations are situated on the Western dock in the harbour area, and two can be found along lungomare Leonardo Da Vinci. During the training session, with the Norwell Outdoor Fitness app, users can check the difficulty level and the consumed calories in real time, following the suggestions given to train in full safety on the cornerstones of fitness: from cardiovascular to muscular exercises, from flexibility to total body.