From aperitif to dinner along Senigallia’s shore From sunrise to sunset on the beach following the smell of the sea in the kitchen

Live the intense emotions of Senigallia and its Velvet Beach from sunrise to sunset. When the summer day gets close to the end and the sky turns pink, the best thing to do is to sip a cool drink in one of the many bars and restaurants along Senigallia’s coastline.

With your feet in the sand and a colourful cocktail in your hands, just relax after a long, full day on the beach: see the day go by, listen to the voice of the sea and admire the colours of the horizon with monte Conero in the distance. Then, the smell of grilled fish will remind you that it’s dinner time. While the first lights turn on, a symphony of flavours is served on your table: “sardoncini scottadito” (straight from the grill, “finger burning” sardines), fried fish, brodetto (fish soup), mussels, clams, and sea snails.

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