Tasting the traditional dishes in country festivals and fairs Getting to know Senigallia and surroundings by tasting its best foods and wines

In summer country festivals and fairs are everywhere around Senigallia. It’s a feast of good taste for all those who want to get to know the most genuine food and wine traditions.

Each small village has its own festival and its own delicatessen. In the first days of May Filetto hosts Sagra del Carciofo (Artichokes Festival); in June you can attend Festa dell’ Osteria in Ciarnin, near Senigallia, with fried fish with vegetable as specialty dish; or Sagra del Pesce, a festival organized in Cesano for more than fifty years to “celebrate” the sea with its typical grilled fish and Senigallia’s brodetto (fish soup). In July make sure to stop at Festa della Trebbiatura (Threshing Festival) in Castellaro where you can enjoy local specialities, such as roasted goose. Scapezzano hosts two country fairs: Festa Castellana in August with historical commemorations (such as “Palio dell’Oca” between the four village districts) and local specialties, among them roasted duck or goose with potatoes cooked in the oven; and Festa dell’Olio Nuovo (New Oil Festival) in November, a journey to discover the refined quality of olive oil in a land with olive trees have been grown since the ancient times.

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