Baccalà al forno (roasted cod fillet) A very popular fish dish on Marche tables

“Baccalà al forno” is one of the most typical dishes of Marche regional cuisine. It is easy to make, yet exceptionally tasty. Cod fillets are preserved and dried in salt, either naturally or artificially based on the type of production. Baccalà differs from stoccafisso (stockfish) because the latter is not salted.

Remove skin and bones, cut the fish in 6cm sided pieces, wash and dry them.

Place a layer of sliced potatoes in a greased over-proof dish or a roasting pan. Then cover with small tomatoes and season with chopped garlic, parsley, breadcrumbs, adding salt or oil. Now place the cod fish on the base layer and season with wild fennel. Do not add salt because the fish is already salted. Cook in the oven at 160° for about 30 minutes and serve hot.


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