This is a simple, tasty and easy dish that can be prepared in advance. Even though it is not highly recognised, grey mullet is the perfect ingredient for many different preparations.

What to know


  • Filetto di muggine 200 g
  • Succo di un limone 20 g
  • Succo arancio 10 g
  • Ghiaccio pilé
  • Olio e.v.o. 50 g
  • Pepe una grattugiata
  • Fior di Sale


Fillet the grey mullet. Remove all bones.

Chill for 24 hours at -18°C.

Cut in thin slices.

Crush the ice in the centre of a plate and rest the grey mullet slices on the ice.

Mix the oil, the lemon sauce and the orange sauce with a fork.

Pour the sauce on the slices, adding a pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper.

Serve very cold.

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