Tasty and versatile, mantis shrimps are the perfect ingredient for a large number of excellent plates

What to know


  • Pannocchie 8
  • Succo d’arancia 50 g
  • Pepe rosa
  • Sale
  • Castagne decorticate 180 g
  • Latte 120 g
  • Pepe nero
  • Sale
  • Radicchio 200 g
  • Acqua 200 g
  • Destrosio 20 g
  • Base frutta 50 Acqua 17 g
  • Glucosio 3 g
  • Zucchero 60 g
  • Succo d’arancia 80 g
  • Lecitina di soia 4 g


Chill the mantis shrimps at -18°C for at least 48 hours, remove the shell with scissors, and marinate the edible part in orange juice for at least 30 minutes.

Cook the chestnuts with milk, mix with a mixer and sieve to obtain a smooth cream without lumps.

For the ice cream, mix the powders in a bowl with a whisk, add water and bring to 85°C, add the radicchio leaves and mix. Let cool down. Place the compound in the ice cream maker. When ready, store the ice cream in the fridge.

In the meantime, place the orange juice and lecithin in a container, mix with a mixer to obtain a very soft white foam.

Arrange on the plate artistically.

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