“Sardoncini scottadito” are a summer dish cooked on the grill and perfect for a dinner or aperitif along the beach. The recipe takes its name (“finger-burning sardines”) from the way the fish is usually eaten, still hot, without forks or knifes.  Typically, “sardoncini scottadito” are served with a fresh local white wine and "conditella", a light mix of salad and fresh tomatoes.

What to know


  • 80 sardoncini
  • Pangrattato
  • Prezzemolo fresco
  • Aglio
  • Olio extravergine d’oliva
  • Sale


Start by chopping garlic and parsley, mix with breadcrumbs, and add oil and salt. Mix well with a spoon or a fork. Clean the sardines carefully: take off the head by holding it between thumb and forefinger and pull strongly to remove the guts. You can also use scissors, instead of your hands. Wash the sardines under running water and dry them out with a kitchen towel. While washing, make sure that the guts are completely removed.

Coat the sardines with the bread mix, using a fork, or better by hand. The sardines must be fully breaded! Cook the sardines on the grill for 10 minutes. Don’t forget to turn them around every now and then to make sure both sides are cooked.

According to tradition, the fish must be served and eaten immediately, when they are still hot and fragrant, as the name requires!

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