A light, easy-to-make, tasty pasta dish: a summer icon

What to know


  • Vongole 1,5 Kg
  • Tagliatelle 350 g
  • Spicchi d’aglio 3
  • Prezzemolo
  • Olio e.v.o. 100 g
  • Vino bianco secco
  • Sale
  • Pepe
  • Peperoncino


Tagliatelle (noodles) with clam sauce are a typical Italian seafood dish.

Simplicity, which is the secret of many recipes, makes it even more spectacular!

Starve the clams for a few hours, repeatedly changing the water to eliminate the sand. Drain the clams and let them open in a large pan with 2 spoonfuls of oil and one smashed garlic clove. As soon as they open, remove the clams from the flame, discarding the closed ones. Filter the water produced by the clams and sieve it finely, collecting it in a container. In a pan, heat half glass of oil and two cloves of garlic, which will be removed after browning. Add some white wine, the clam water and bring to boil; add salt and pepper and cook for a few seconds the clams without shell, abundantly sprinkling with chopped parsley. Cook the tagliatelle “al dente” (firm) and sauté in the pan with the clams. Serve immediately, while still very hot.


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