Squid tagliatelle on cream of peas An all-season dish with a high nutritional value.

Carefully clean the squids, keeping the heads and the ink sac on the side for further preparation. Put the squids in vacuum bags for low temperature cooking, and cook at 55°C for about 3 hours.

When ready, let the squids cool down and cut them in thin longitudinal strips, preferably with a slicing machine. Add salt as desired. In the meantime, to make the cream of peas, put oil and chopped onion in a pot, brown and add the peas, cooking for about 20 minutes in vegetable broth. Add salt and pepper as desired.

When cooked, mix with a mixer to obtain a smooth velvety cream.

Place the cream of peas in a hollow dish, lay the squid tagliatelle on top, and spray with some ink drops and extra virgin olive oil. Decorate as desired.

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