Village fairs and festivals Summer is rich in village fairs and festivals in Senigallia and its hinterland

A holiday in Senigallia is synonym of local village fairs and festivals with traditions, curiosities, and food&wine specialties. Sea, beach, culture, fun and tradition: this is what holidays in Senigallia sound like. Starting from spring, festivals and village fairs become frequent all around Senigallia. They are a unique chance to discover charming small villages, taste local products and revive historical re-enactments. 

In May Montignano organises Festa del Cuntadin with a rich market of “0Km” local products. 

June is the month of Festa dell’Osteria del Ciarnin and Sagra del pesce di Cesano. The latter has been a traditional appointment for over 50 years, a very much loved event rooted in the traditional cuisine of Senigallia, a real tribute to local fish and seafood specialties enjoyed directly on the beach shore.

July opens with Festa d’estate in Cesano. In Castellaro, still in July, you will go back in time with the Historical Threshing Festival, when hard work in the fields was also a reason for a popular feast. With Festa castellana in Scapezzano you will take another step back in history: this small village on Senigallia hills will take you back to the beauty of Middle Ages, with falconry shows, games, parades, drums and Palio dell’oca.

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