Fig loin

An ancient dessert, which the Latin writer Columella talks about as early as 65 AD. The name of loin comes from its shape, similar to the pork loin. The ingredients and the method of preparation have remained unchanged over the centuries.

The figs are the Dottati or the Brogiotti, dried and mixed with the other ingredients of the poor peasant tradition: almonds, small pieces of walnut and star anise seeds. Sometimes mixed with a little sapa (grape must simmered for a long time) or mistrà (liqueur obtained from the maceration of aniseed fruits in alcohol) and then wrapped in fig leaves. With a golden brown color, compact and solid, the loin, cut into not too thin slices, looks like a fine dough. The nose immediately feels ripe fruit with an enveloping note of anise.

When served with sapa (grape must), its overall sweetness stands out better with hints of caramel.

It is excellent paired with a non-soft, medium-aged cheese and a glass of raisin wine.

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