Mad sausage from Senigallia

It is a sausage produced exclusively in some butchers in the historic center of Senigallia .

It seems that it was already present in the nineteenth century as a gift from local butchers to their customers to flavor the broth for Christmas lunch .

The “matta” sausage (where the term matta stands for different) is a hand-smoked cured meat with mixed beef and pork.

The salami is prepared with a prevalence of 70% cow’s meat with pork and lard of the same which is seasoned with salt, pepper and wine or cognac (some also add spices) and then cooked in a special oven called “fornacella”, in refractory brick , powered exclusively by oak charcoal from piobbico.

Tradition has it that the sausage is then boiled in Christmas broth with tortellini and served boiling hot cut into rounds with the boiled meat.

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