The first fish deli in the world, created by Chef Moreno Cedroni, 2 Michelin stars.

A maritime pizzeria, an eaterie in step with the times. Whether you stop to do the shopping, to celebrate the hour of the aperitif or to extend sine die the happy hour of the recreation until the threshold of the dinner in the adjacent tables, Anikó fears few comparisons to invite you to reflect. Take it as you like, place of appointments, domestic trade, platform, where to shuffle of appetizers and fish sliced, for us the real model of the place is not so much the botteguccia nor the extension of the restaurant, but a kind of projection of Haute Couture (the Madonnina del Pescatore) which finds here the most appropriate redefinition in a ready-to-wear/ready-to-eat. Anikó’s roots are obviously in the Street Food tradition without borders.

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