Welcome to Senigallia The city of velvet beach

"Feeling" Senigallia is an experience of taste, which touches all the senses. With its golden and velvety beach, the crystal clear sea, the historic center and the lively nightlife, Senigallia knows how to conquer everyone's hearts. Senigallia is a place where all the senses are in celebration. Senigallia is a city rich in history, culture and nature, located on the Adriatic Riviera. It is an ideal destination for those looking for a holiday of relaxation, fun and discovery.

La rotonda a mare Il simbolo di Senigallia

Elegant, harmonious, fascinating: the Rotonda a Mare is a unique and inimitable place and is the symbolic image of Senigallia, with its long pier that connects the velvet beach and the Adriatic Sea. With its harmonious linear shapes, the Rotonda remains gently suspended between sky, earth and sea and offers emotions and breathtaking views overlooking its terraces


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Itinerari in evidenza

Itineraries Engaging discoveries

History and culture: retrace the traces of the past among museums, churches and monuments. Nature and well-being: immerse yourself in the uncontaminated landscapes and enjoy relaxation. Flavors and traditions: taste the typical products and discover the food and wine excellences. Families and children: have fun with activities dedicated to all ages.

Senigallia città della Fotografia

City of photography Mario Giacomelli and the Misa school

Photography continues to be an artistic expression of great importance in Senigallia. It is with Giuseppe Cavalli, one of the greats of 20th century photography as well as the creator and artistic director of that privileged photographic training laboratory that was the Misa Group

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