Fireworks over the sea Traditional fireworks over the sea in August.

In August a classic appointment will surprise spectators with a mix of lights and colours in the splendid scenario of the city’s marina.

The fireworks event is always remembered for the very high number of people attracted to Senigallia beach. The show takes places in the second half of August. Come and see the many shapes of planets, hearts, or willows created by the imagination of the organizers! And don’t miss one of the most longed-for moments when small "fountains" take shape directly from the sea in an extraordinary "game" of effects! The show attracts adults, young people and children that are fascinated by the shapes and colours created in the sky and over the sea, with fireworks that make thousands of spectators look up in the air.

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20 Aug 2024 22:30 - Banchina di Levante 60019 Senigallia (AN)

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