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Some advice for a peaceful holiday

Senigallia is the ideal destination for a dream holiday thanks to the clean sea and velvety sand, natural elements that make it one of the most renowned destinations for both relaxation and fun. The beach establishments are equipped to carry out the most varied sporting activities from beach volleyball to surfing and children have the most modern attractions at their disposal for endless fun from dawn to dusk.   Safety at sea is guaranteed by an efficient rescue service, and a home and outpatient medical assistance service dedicated to tourists takes care of all the city’s guests, but it is a good idea to follow some tips to make the most of every moment of your holiday.   The first recommendation can only concern children and the elderly for whom the best hours to spend on the beach are early in the morning, before 12.00, and in the afternoon after 4.00. Especially for the little ones, applying a sun cream before exposure to the sun will help preserve the particular delicacy of the skin prone to sunburn.   As for clothing, it is better to wear light clothing in light colors that attract less of the sun’s rays, and don’t forget the hat, which is essential for preventing sunstroke, and sunglasses.   Another rule to follow to continue your holiday without inconvenience is to wait at least three hours after meals before taking a bath and thus aid digestion while avoiding dangerous congestion.   Finally, remember to drink lots of water even if you don’t feel thirsty; good hydration helps fight the stress caused by high temperatures, which increase body sweating, with the consequent loss of greater quantities of liquids and mineral salts, essential elements for the health of the organism. Happy holiday!

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How It Works The AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) is a life-saving device that can be used by any trained citizen to help a person in cardiac arrest. The device has a voice that guides and suggests the operations to be done to connect the defibrillator to the subject to be treated and performs a diagnosis of the heart rhythm, providing the shock only if necessary. In this way the operator is exempted from any responsibility, as the AED only intervenes if the patient is actually in a state of cardiac arrest compatible with the treatment that can be performed. The Project – A Defibrillator at your fingertips The project involves the installation in public places of the city, characterized by the high influx of people, of public access defibrillators AEDs (automatic external defibrillators). In collaboration with the Municipal Administration, the sites suitable for their positioning were identified. AEDs are the solution to the problem due to the fact that they automatically analyze the ECG (electrocardiogram) rhythm, determine with precision and absolute safety whether defibrillation is necessary. For the technical choice of the AED, a solution was sought that guarantees operation when needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, identified in the AED PLUS PACKAGE Information and awareness initiatives to spread the culture of first aid and life-saving techniques among the population. Training meetings are scheduled in public places with specialized Rotarian and non-Rotarian doctors and training with lower and upper secondary school students and themed conferences. The use of the web and social media is also foreseen, in particular a specific website and Facebook page, commercials on local radio stations, press releases and advertising material Free training courses for citizens with the release of the required certification who will be able to safely carry out defibrillation procedures if necessary, while still being exempt from the task of diagnosis which is carried out by the equipment itself. Training and re-training. The project involves the training of at least 4 people for each defibrillator installed, municipal police personnel and employees of the Municipality of Senigallia. The promoters The project was financed and promoted by the Rotary Club of Senigallia, in collaboration with “Cuore di Velluto” ONLUS and Asur Area Vasta 2. Find out where the defibrillators are positioned by clicking here  

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Tour Operators and Travel Agencies in Senigallia

Discover the specialized tour operators and travel agencies that will help you make your holiday in Senigallia unique. Seni.galliaincoming Tour Operator of Hotels and Tourism Soc. Coop Tel. 071-65343 Cell. 345/3965537 Email: Website: Seni.galliaincoming of Hotels and Tourism Senigallia is a Tour Operator that deals with the reception and promotion of our city, the territory and the entire Marche Region. In addition to promoting the traditional beach/relaxation and fun holiday, it offers thematic and specific stays for families, adults and seniors. Particular attention is paid to lovers of art, culture and photography with “targeted” tour proposals and thanks to the richness of our territory it is possible to always offer new treasures to discover even to the most loyal customers. The many places of great spirituality present in our area allow us to make proposals that range from pilgrimages to the most important sanctuaries to the quiet atmosphere that can be felt at the numerous hermitages and abbeys. Great attention is also paid to our food and wine, to the many typical local products, both by having the tourist meet directly with the producer, to discover all the phases and history of each product, and by savoring the dishes of our cuisine and our great Chefs . For lovers of nature and active holidays we offer nature trails suitable for everyone: walking, trekking, biking to discover our hills, the nearby mountains and natural parks. We are also a valid support to ensure the best performance of sporting events, meetings, conferences and large events. Azimove bikes experience Info Point: piazzale della Libertà – Senigallia (An) cell. 339/6174941 e-mail:   Azimove Bikes experience is a company born from the union of people who have in common the passion for cycling, the desire to do outdoor sports, the search for freedom, the union with nature, love, knowledge, discovery and valorization of the local territory. Azimove Bikes experience organizes e-bike and muscle excursions to promote the use of the bike to discover the area, from Terre del Duca to the Path of the Herons and many other suggestive and unforgettable places. For all information on organized tours visit the website The service information brochure is also available and downloadable in the download section.

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Free Wi-Fi in Senigallia

Navigate for free in the squares, libraries and public places of the historic center.   The Municipality of Senigallia expands and modernizes the “Senigallia-Wifi” project, created to provide a free wireless internet service in squares, libraries and public places. In addition to the spaces already covered, those open in Piazza Roma, Piazza del Duca, Foro Annonario, Piazza Manni, and the indoor ones of the La Fenice theatre, the conference room of Palazzetto Baviera, the Throne Room of Palazzo del Duca, the council room and council room, as well as the multipurpose room and the urban planning room in the municipal headquarters of the former Gil, free access to the network is now guaranteed in Piazza Garibaldi, at the San Rocco auditorium, in Piazza Simoncelli, in Piazza Saffi and in via Carducci, with a broadband connection that goes from 30 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Browsing for free is very simple, you just need  download the app and follow the registration procedure which includes an identification phase by entering some personal data. Those who already have one will also be able to register using their digital identity (Spid). The app, at the moment, is only valid for iOS and Android devices and in this regard, in order to guarantee free use of the network with your PCs  in the reading room of the Antonelliana Library, the municipal administration has provided the possibility of accessing with a special password to be requested at the information desk of the library itself. Furthermore, thanks to the regional project “Wifi Marche – Connected Beach”, since summer 2019 free wifi has also been active on the seafront, thanks to an infrastructure made up of 85 hot spots that receive the signal from the port’s light tower to cover the entire Senigallia seafront, from Cesano to Marzocca. Also in this case in Senigallia it is possible to obtain accreditation through the Wifi.Italia platform ( provided by the Ministry for Economic Development and already used for the historic centre. The system is very simple, all you need to do is download the app and follow the registration procedure which involves an identification phase by entering some personal data. Those who already have it will also be able to register using their digital identity (Spid). A second method provided by the Marche Region is also already active, which will make it possible to standardize the authentication system among all the Municipalities of the Marche coast participating in the project and will include web marketing services to convey the promotion of places and events.< /p> Attached is the guide for using “Wifi Marche – Connected Beach”. DOWNLOAD THE WIFI ITALIA APP FOR IOS DOWNLOAD THE WIFI ITALIA APP FOR ANDROID

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In Senigallia all it takes is a text message to find the pharmacy on duty. There are twelve pharmacies in the Senigallia area, two of which are municipal. The municipal pharmacies, Comunale 2 Cesanella and Comunale Centrale, in the summer period from 1 May to 30 September are open in the morning from 8.30 to 13.00 and in the afternoon from 16.00 to 20.00; while from 1 October to 30 April in the morning from 8.30 to 13.00 and from 15.30 to 19.30 in the afternoon. The closing hours of the two municipal pharmacies are Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Knowing the pharmacy on duty in Senigallia is simple and easy with the “SMS Pharmacy” service. Just send a text message with “Senigallia” written to the telephone number 339.3383758 and you will receive a return message with the notification of the nearest pharmacy on duty, its address and telephone numbers. The information can be requested free of charge at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For further information, you can contact the A.S.U.R. – Territorial Zone n.4 – Senigallia – Pharmacy Operational Unit at number 071.79093608.

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Emergency medical service in summer

Relax and enjoy your holidays on the Velvet Beach throughout the summer. From july 1 to august 30, every year Senigallia offers in-home and surgery medical services for tourists organized by Area Vasta 2, Distretto di Senigallia. During the summer months two medical surgeries are available and easy to reach: one at lungomare D. Alighieri 142 and one at lungomare Mameli, via della darsena (ex Italcementi parking). From July 1 to august  30,  the medical surgeries are open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m Home visits must be reserved by calling 347 26728 from Monday to Saturday morning and by calling 118 on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

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How to get there

Car, train, plane or ship: Senigallia is easy to reach!   BY PLANE: “Raffaello Sanzio” Airport in Falconara Marittima, with daily connections to the main Italian and European cities (Rome, Milan, London, Munich, Paris) is only 15 km away from Senigallia. A shuttle bus service connects the airport with the closest railway stations. BY TRAIN: Senigallia is situated along the “Milano-Lecce” Adriatic line and the “Ancona-Roma” line. The closest railway station with services for disabled travellers is Ancona. BY SHIP The  port of Ancona is situated 25 km away from Senigallia, with daily connections to Greece and Croatia. BY CAR: Senigallia is situated in the centre of the Adriatic Coast and is connected to the major cities in Italy and Europe by Autostrada A14 (Highway). Just exit the highway in  Senigallia and take the by-pass road that goes around the city from north to south with exits in the main points of interest.

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Tourist information and accommodation

Useful contacts to enjoy your holidays in Senigallia at best TOURIST INFORMATION AND ACCOMMODATION Via Manni 7 Tel. 071 7922725 mail: Office hours: Monday: 9.00 -13.00 Tuesday: 9.00 -13.00/15.30 – 22.30 Wednesday: 9.00 -13.00/15.30 – 22.30 Thursday: 9.00 -13.00/15.30 – 22.30 Friday: 9.00 -13.00/15.30 – 22.30 Saturday: 9.30 – 12.30/18.00 – 22.30 Sunday: 9.30 – 12.30/18.00 – 22.30 Info Iat PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICE mail: INFOCITTÁ – Marzocca: Piazzale della stazione Tel 071.799.0007 mail: Office hours: Tuesday from 3.15: p.m. to 5:15 p.m.

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