Senigallia’s dunes Per vivere il mare nella maniera più naturale

Conjugating beach tourism with environmental protection is the objective of the project designed by the Municipal Administration in collaboration with Studio Naturalistico Diatomea.

The purpose is to facilitate nest-building for the Kentish plover (Italian name “Fratino”), a species protected by Community directives, and to promote eco-sustainable tourism by raising the awareness of local citizens, beach operators and tourists. This endangered small bird builds its nest inside small holes in the strip of embryo dunes found in most public beach areas. Its presence is a good sign for the health of the entire coastal ecosystem: every time the Kentish plover makes its nest, we can be sure that the beach is protected and preserved in the right way.

Senigallia’s dunes are protected with a fence to avoid the removal of sand and plants. Moreover, bird nests are protected from March to July.

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