Sports on the beach

Beach tournaments are fun in Senigallia

Competition is everywhere on the Velvet Beach! In all beach facilities you will find tournaments of all kinds and you can play both individual and team sports. Many different sports are available on Senigallia beach. During the day you can choose between water aerobics, zumba and Pilates lessons. Beach facilities are equipped with beach soccer, beach tennis and basket courts, where very popular tournaments are organized, often with local food products as prizes. Water sports include kayaking, sailing or sup and the equipment is often available free of charge in the beach facilities.  

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X Masters Award: emotions, sports, music, suntan and Velvet Beach

Summer in Senigallia is full of strong emotions with a spectacular not-to-be missed sport and music event taking place in July. The X Masters Award is an extreme sports summer festival that combines tough competition with entertainment, music and shows. A village of over 40,000 m² on the public beach is especially dedicated to sports and shows. Available sports include: Skateboard, Wakeboard, Roller Aggressive, Triathlon, Kitesurf, Motocross Freestyle, Surf, Sup, BMX & Dirt, Parkour, Beach Volley, Beach Rugby, Cross Training, Zumba & Fitness. And these are just some of the activities offered by X Masters. Top quality structures are available for exhibitions and competitions. Visitors can try out all different sports thanks to the presence of professional trainers and coaches that offer free-of-charge demonstrations.

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Much more than getting tanned

You’ll never get bored on Senigallia beach! All beach establishments are equipped with sports facilities to fill your day with games and tournaments. Do you want to play beach volley or beach tennis? You’ll be spoilt for choice. Every beach establishment has its own sports ground and beach tournaments are organized every day.  Traditions are not forgotten on Senigallia beach: marble tournaments are organised every summer, starring coloured plastic marbles on homemade tracks – dug on the sand shore by dragging a friend by the legs! – or professional tracks – perfect examples of sandy masterpieces. Another real beach entertainment – which has been recently rediscovered especially by young people – is a bowls tournament, and many beach establishments are equipped with dedicated grounds. Last but not least, Badminton, known as “battledore and shuttlecock” in the good old times, is proving a big success on Senigallia beach.

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