Sea and beach

 Senigallia Bandiera Blu d'Europa

Senigallia Bandiera Blu

Since 1997 Senigallia has been awarded the prestigious European Blue Flag, official recognition by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) to beaches that guarantee the quality of bathing water, the environmental management, services and safety on the beach and information to users and tourists. Specifically, a stay in Senigallia is made safe and enjoyable thanks to a series of activities carried out throughout the year: 1 – The quality of bathing waters is certified from constant sampling, made every 30 days. 2 – The door to door recycling is effective on the whole territory; on the seafront and in the city centre are placed litter bins, also for cigarette butts. 3 –Beach resorts and free beaches are safe and provided with rescue equipment and qualified lifeguards. 4 – The access to the beach and services (even in some public beaches) considers the needs of disabled. 5 – The water treatment system works effectively in the whole territory. 6 – There are showers and potable water sources at regular intervals. The beach is cleaned daily. 7 –The access of the pets on the beach is allowed only in specifically equipped beach resorts. 8 – The schools promote, during the year, programs and activities of information and environmental education. 9 –There are two medical centres on the seafront. 10 – In the city centre and on the seafront there are cycling lines for bike lovers.  

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 Una spiaggia a misura di bambino

Green Flag

A children-friendly beach with shallow clear waters near the shore, clean sand, beach facilities and family areas to change nappies or breast-feed your baby. This is the identity card for the beaches approved by Italian paediatricians. The Green Flag award is granted every year by a selected jury of paediatricians: for many years now, children are very welcomed in Senigallia. Very strict criteria regulate the granting of such a prestigious award: clean and shallow waters, a sand shore, rescue services, children playgrounds, a large beach with umbrellas, bar services, sports centres and family recreational areas, in addition to activities especially organized for children, such as the guided visits to Pinacoteca Diocesana (Diocesan Art Gallery) known as “Sulle tracce di Samalia e Samalù” (On Samalia and Samalu’s trails) or “Le storie di Pina”  (Mrs. Pina’s stories).  

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Porto della Rovere

Senigallia presents itself as a destination of excellence for recreational tourism as evidenced by the 6 consecutive Blue Flags for tourist landings achieved in the last six years. The Della Rovere port of Senigallia is able to satisfy the needs of all boaters thanks to the wide range of services offered listed below: – Mooring assistance with sailors and vessels Gestiport VHF canele 11 hourly links – Drinking and industrial water for washing – Electricity with columns on all piers – Suction of waste and bilge water – Slipway – Jib crane capacity 15 quintals – Travel lift capacity 40 tons – Sanitary facilities – with showers, toilets and disabled toilets – Fire service – Weather service – Engine repairs – Electrical repairs – Fuel dispenser – Bar (management of Lega Navale Senigallia – Club Nautico Senigallia) – Restaurant (management of the Senigallia Naval League – Senigallia Nautical Club) The works for the construction of the fuel dispenser in the outport and the photovoltaic system on the roof of the Nautical Club are nearing completion, which fall within the scope of the eco-port project and are financed with European, state and regional funds . The works will be completed before the start of the summer season. The Senigallia port is able to offer a further new important service, thanks to a new floating dock positioned in the outport, suitable for mooring boats up to 24 meters with a draft of up to 2.70 metres. The pier, which can also be used by disabled people, is equipped with all the installations necessary for safety and for the supply of electricity, drinking water and washing water. Mooring rates are identical to those applied in internal docks. For more information click here</ a>

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Riding your bike on the beach

In Senigallia you can ride your bike to the beach and travel for 13 km along the coast on the bicycle lane. Touring Senigallia by bike, from the historical centre to the beach, is easy and safe. Bicycles are the most popular means of transportation all year long for local people and for tourists in summer, thanks to the large network of bicycle lanes across the entire territory. Starting from the historical centre, you can follow the bicycle lane and ride along the Misa river, up to the harbour. Then you can decide to go north, towards Cesano, or to follow the bicycle lane towards the south. Taking a peaceful and safe ride along the seaside, breathing the sea breeze, leaving the “movida” of Rotonda a Mare behind, reaching the sand dunes of the public beach area, stopping any time you want and enjoying the beauty of Senigallia and its beach: this is priceless!

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Public free beach in Senigallia

The 13 km of Senigallia’s sea front are equipped to meet all kinds of requirements: from families with children, to teenagers and young people, from those who enjoy fully equipped beach facilities to fans of a “natural” beach setting. Senigallia’s public beach areas are found in the Western sea front (called “Ponente”) and in the Eastern sea front (called “Levante”) between the equipped beach facilities. For easier use, public beaches are equipped with wooden structures for a total area of 637 m2 where tourists can store their beach supplies, avoiding carrying umbrellas, tables and chairs around every day. Moreover, 380 m2 of walkways make it easier for people with walking difficulties to reach the shore using wheelchairs and special scooters. The beach entrances are identified with a sign that says “Accesso alla spiaggia libera per diversamente abili” (Access to free beach for disabled people). Two of them are situated in lungomare Mameli, Cesanella, one in lungomare Da Vinci c/o CO.GE.S.CO. sunbathing centre, and three in lungomare Italia in Marzocca.

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On the beach with your four-legged friend: in Senigallia you can!

A summer holiday in Senigallia is the best solution for everybody, including your beloved four-legged friend. Senigallia is a dog-friendly city thanks to projects like “In vacanza con Pluto” or “Vacanze sguinzagliate”. The collaboration between municipal administrators and a local association called “Sguinzagliati” has developed a special dog-inclusive hospitality model. The project involves hotels, restaurants and bars and includes a hospitality kit available upon request, with cleaning tissue, plastic poop bags, a small bag and a toy ball. In the Velvet Beach you will find three equipped beach facilities where you can take your dog:  Scooby Doo Beach in the southern area of Senigallia called “Ciarnin” operated by Lucrezia Guidarelli, and  Il blasco 119 operated by Raffaele Pacenti while Baia Canaria in the northern area of Senigallia called “Cesano” operated by Valentina Medici. Here dogs and their owners can enjoy the beach in total safety, while relaxing and having fun. Dogs and their owners can lay down on their beach chairs in dedicated areas. Pets can make friends in fenced spaces far away from other beach facilities, or go swimming in the waters just in front of the pet-friendly facilities. Plenty of services are dedicated to the well-being, care and fun of our four-legged friends, including playgrounds, agility routes, showers, dryers, dog sitters and vets upon request.

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Sun, crystal-clear waters and a very fine world-renowned sand

Senigallia is known as the Velvet Beach: do you know the reason for such a name? Just go to the beach and you will understand why! Thirteen kilometres of very fine golden sand, as soft and light as velvet, are waiting for you! Senigallia is the home to the most famous beach of the Marche region. Since 1853 it has been one of the most refined seaside resorts of the Adriatic coast. Since 1997 it has been continuously awarded with the Blue Flag for its crystal-clear, clean and safe waters, quality accommodation facilities and virtuous environmental management. All these ingredients will make your holidays in Senigallia unique and special, amongst sunshine, crystal-clear waters, tasty food, and romantic nights against the background of Rotonda sul Mare.

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To the beach by car with no worries

The Velvet Beach is safe, comfortable and relaxing also for those travelling by car. Tourists can use the park and ride facilities that are situated near the beach. From June 1 to September 15, park and ride facilities cost €3 per day, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. About 400 parking spaces are available in the harbour area known as ex-Sacelit, 380 in Villa Torlonia towards the north, 250 in the central-southern area of town, in parco Saline-Pattinodromo, and 200 towards the south in the ex Ciriachi area. Parking is also available: in Cesano, via Strada Settima for 180 cars, in Via Perugia for 150 cars, in via Grosseto by the underpass for 80 cars, in the so-called “ex area mezzi pesanti” for 150 cars, in underpass no. 182 for 50 cars, in Ciarnin near the church for 300 cars and by underpass for 180 cars. Paying for parking is very easy: you can use the parking meters or download the MyCicero app free of charge from App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone to use your smartphone to pay only for your actual parking time. Don’t forget that Senigallia has an efficient public transportation service with more frequent rides in summer to ensure that everybody can reach the beach and the city centre in total safety and without any problem.

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 bgnini di salvataggio con imbarcazione a remi a senigallia

Safe waters alongside a velvet beach

Senigallia’s velvet sand and clean, safe waters will convert your stay into a pleasant, peaceful holiday. The sea water quality is monitored every fifteen days by Arpam (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection in the Marche Region) and the very large sandy beach is cleaned by beach operators every day. Tourists can enjoy safety and tranquillity thanks to the shallow waters and the absence of currents, a unique characteristic that makes Senigallia the perfect holiday place for families and children. In summer the 13 km-long beach is protected by an efficient lifeguard and rescue service with more than sixty stations in constant connection with emergency services.

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 dune di senigallia

Senigallia’s dunes

Conjugating beach tourism with environmental protection is the objective of the project designed by the Municipal Administration in collaboration with Studio Naturalistico Diatomea. The purpose is to facilitate nest-building for the Kentish plover (Italian name “Fratino”), a species protected by Community directives, and to promote eco-sustainable tourism by raising the awareness of local citizens, beach operators and tourists. This endangered small bird builds its nest inside small holes in the strip of embryo dunes found in most public beach areas. Its presence is a good sign for the health of the entire coastal ecosystem: every time the Kentish plover makes its nest, we can be sure that the beach is protected and preserved in the right way. Senigallia’s dunes are protected with a fence to avoid the removal of sand and plants. Moreover, bird nests are protected from March to July.

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 Area fitness lungomare senigallia

Gym on the Beach: a fitness path along Senigallia seaside

Not only sunbathing, but also wellness and fitness on the Velvet Beach! “Gym on the Beach” is a fitness path that has been especially studied to guarantee the best use conditions according to different training skills and age groups. The fitness path includes five stations: three of them are situated in the harbour area, on the Western dock, and two along lungomare Alighieri, one in front of La Bussola beach facilities and one near the UISP sun treatment centre. With a special app (Norwell Outdoor Fitness) that is available for all mobile devices, users can monitor the difficulty level and their calories consumption in real time, and follow the instructions to train in full safety on the key aspects of fitness: from cardiovascular training to muscular exercises, from flexibility to total body.

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Wandering through the dunes, in search of the Kentish

A walk along the beach of Senigallia will put you in contact with a natural environment of great quality. This is testified by the fact that the embryonic dunes of the free beach have been chosen by the Kentish plover, a small bird at risk of extinction protected by the EU directives.

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