Riding your bike on the beach Riding your bike from north to south along Senigallia sea promenade

In Senigallia you can ride your bike to the beach and travel for 13 km along the coast on the bicycle lane. Touring Senigallia by bike, from the historical centre to the beach, is easy and safe. Bicycles are the most popular means of transportation all year long for local people and for tourists in summer, thanks to the large network of bicycle lanes across the entire territory.

Starting from the historical centre, you can follow the bicycle lane and ride along the Misa river, up to the harbour. Then you can decide to go north, towards Cesano, or to follow the bicycle lane towards the south. Taking a peaceful and safe ride along the seaside, breathing the sea breeze, leaving the “movida” of Rotonda a Mare behind, reaching the sand dunes of the public beach area, stopping any time you want and enjoying the beauty of Senigallia and its beach: this is priceless!

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