In Senigallia with your 4-legged friend

In Senigallia there are many services dedicated exclusively to your 4-legged friend. Everyone is welcome in Senigallia and so if you really don’t want to be separated from your four-legged best friend, all you have to do is plan your next holiday on the Velvet Beach, the “Dog friendly” city on the Adriatic coast. In fact, you will be able to find green spaces and three equipped areas where your friend can run and play freely and safely; enjoy the sun watching your dog play in the free-roaming areas of the Saline district in via degli Oleandri, the Vivere Verde district in via Pizzetti and the Cesanella park near the Olympic table tennis centre. The dog is welcome in Senigallia: walking around Senigallia you will in fact find numerous shops where not only are dogs allowed, but there is a welcome bowl of fresh water at the entrance. Velvet Beach can also boast the presence of beaches suitable for frequenting your 4-legged friend, which provide equipment designed for his enjoyment and rest. In the stretches of sea in front of these bathing establishments you can also swim with your dog. Furthermore, Senigallia, through the “Vacanze sguinzagliate” project born from the collaboration between the municipal administration, the “Sguinzagliati” association of Senigallia, the “Greenwich Viaggi Turismo” tour operator of Ancona and the Superfast maritime company, encourages dog tourism in the Marche Region through the offer of tours and travel packages with experiential, cultural and food and wine activities in Italy and seaside stays and art itineraries in Greece or in other countries overlooking the Adriatic. A special agreement will be dedicated to all those who travel with dogs and who request travel/stay packages or ferry services through the “Vacanze Sguinzagliate” booking channels (booking can be made exclusively through Greenwich). type of services requested, basically includes a 10% discount per route for each animal that travels with its owner on Superfast Ferries. Furthermore, Greenwich will reserve special discounts on tours and stays in Italy, and in particular in the Marche and in the city of Senigallia, for those who, by booking the ferry service with Superfast, want to extend their trip in the “unleashed” structures proposed in the tourist packages.

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Senigallia Bandiera Blu

Since 1997 Senigallia has been awarded the prestigious European Blue Flag, official recognition by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) to beaches that guarantee the quality of bathing water, the environmental management, services and safety on the beach and information to users and tourists. Specifically, a stay in Senigallia is made safe and enjoyable thanks to a series of activities carried out throughout the year: 1 – The quality of bathing waters is certified from constant sampling, made every 30 days. 2 – The door to door recycling is effective on the whole territory; on the seafront and in the city centre are placed litter bins, also for cigarette butts. 3 –Beach resorts and free beaches are safe and provided with rescue equipment and qualified lifeguards. 4 – The access to the beach and services (even in some public beaches) considers the needs of disabled. 5 – The water treatment system works effectively in the whole territory. 6 – There are showers and potable water sources at regular intervals. The beach is cleaned daily. 7 –The access of the pets on the beach is allowed only in specifically equipped beach resorts. 8 – The schools promote, during the year, programs and activities of information and environmental education. 9 –There are two medical centres on the seafront. 10 – In the city centre and on the seafront there are cycling lines for bike lovers.  

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Green Flag

A children-friendly beach with shallow clear waters near the shore, clean sand, beach facilities and family areas to change nappies or breast-feed your baby. This is the identity card for the beaches approved by Italian paediatricians. The Green Flag award is granted every year by a selected jury of paediatricians: for many years now, children are very welcomed in Senigallia. Very strict criteria regulate the granting of such a prestigious award: clean and shallow waters, a sand shore, rescue services, children playgrounds, a large beach with umbrellas, bar services, sports centres and family recreational areas, in addition to activities especially organized for children, such as the guided visits to Pinacoteca Diocesana (Diocesan Art Gallery) known as “Sulle tracce di Samalia e Samalù” (On Samalia and Samalu’s trails) or “Le storie di Pina”  (Mrs. Pina’s stories).  

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The Velvet beach: heaven for children

13 km of velvet sand, the dream of all children and the best place to build sand castles. And, after playing, a safe swim in clean shallow waters uninterruptedly awarded with the Blue Flag since 1997. It’s not a coincidence that Senigallia has been selected as one of the 134 Italian beaches that are perfect for children and teenagers under 18. The Green Flag is a prize awarded by a selected jury of Italian paediatricians. Award criteria include clean water, shallow water near the shore, presence of sand, rescue services, children playgrounds, a long beach with umbrellas, near-by facilities, bar services, sports centres and family centres.

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Gardens and green areas in Senigallia

Senigallia is a town rich in green areas. Gardens, parks, equipped areas, playgrounds: you simply have to choose! Parco della Pace is a real paradise for children, a “green lung” near the Stadium with games, benches, bicycle-pedestrian paths and picnic areas. In the historical heart of Senigallia, Giardini Catalani are a true green oasis of about 4,300 m2 of fresh lawn at the back of the historical town walls and Teatro La Fenice, enriched by the artworks of MUSA (The Adriatic Urban Sculpture Museum) Project. Between the beach and the railway station you will find Giardini Morandi with swings, a play tower with a slide and a merry-go-round. In the place that used to host the old Jewish cemetery of Senigallia (Via Marche) you will find a small park dedicated to Ann Frank equipped with a playground and a basket court. On the same street, at the junction with Viale dei Pini, Giardini caduti di Nassirya offer a fitness path with several equipped stations. Giardini Lorrach are situated in Via dei Gerani, in Saline area: 6,500 m2 with swings, a rope pyramid, a slide and a modular structure with two play towers.  

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Fun and entertainment for the young and the old

In Senigallia you will find the greenest fun in Italy: Labirinto di mais, one of the largest corn mazes in central Italy, a few km from the town centre on S.P. Corinaldese 52 (Provincial Road) with over 12,000 visitors every year. An original zero-impact attraction, Labirinto di Mais not only is an unusual family game, but also a great green classroom. Special events and activities are organised every year, such as drama workshops for children and adults, theme events, games with prizes, and playing activities for infants. Falconara Marittima hosts Parco Zoo, a zoo park of about 60,000 m2. Since the 1980’s Parco Zoo Falconara is a member of U.I.Z.A. (the Italian Zoo and Aquarium Association, born in 1971). The association puts together the Italian zoos and aquariums that meet a specific ethical code. It keeps members constantly informed about the rules and legislation to be complied with and fosters the correct behaviours established by the latest European standards and principles for zoos. Parco Zoo Falconara hosts important endangered species included in C.I.T.E.S. (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora established in 1973 in Washington). An especially attractive visit can be paid to Grotte di Frasassi, the beautiful caves in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Gola della Rossa in Genga. For kids over 12, two speleo-adventure route for great adventurers. Only 15 km away from the Caves, in Felceto di Matelica, you will find Parco dei dinosauri Le pietre del drago. The dinosaur park covers an area of 10,000 m2 populated by 16 real-size dinosaurs, as part of a larger area equipped with picnic areas, caravan stops and children playgrounds. AcquaPark Verde Azzurro in Cingoli (MC) is the ideal place if you cannot stay away from water: sports swimming pools, Jacuzzi baths, waterslides, descending routes, without forgetting the relax areas with sunrooms and green spaces. You can also have fun with science: at Museo del Balì in Saltara, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, science can be discovered in everyday life through interactive stations going from perception to physics, with a planetarium and an astronomic observatory. The museum is hosted in a spectacular XVIII century villa.

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